It all started in Pittsburg with one mean dance teacher, dramatize moms, and talented young dancers. Yup, it’s the well known ALDC of the hit reality series known as Dance Moms. In the beginning ratings were especially high but as the years go by and Maddy Zeigler’ s departure the most popular series actually started to spiral down. Hm, I wonder Why? Maddy was the star of the show and the main focus of the drama. but after her departure the producers thought it would be more interesting to still use “Maddie” as the focal point to start up even more drama. Starting with “Maddie’s replacement” and “Who will fill Maddie’s shoes and stand on top” well Kalani could easily have that title but of course there wouldn’t be drama.

After the series ended with the surprise return of Chloe and Christy on top of Abby Lee Miller’s legal issues. The producers wanted to leave us at a cliff hanger but here’s the thing….Abby is no longer working with Dance Moms not because of her hatred for Chloe and Christy but for the producers.  Apparently, the producers wanted it a certain way and Abby just couldn’t take it. So she quit. As for Dance Moms they are continuing the series with new dance teacher Cheryl of DWTS. Pretty cool but what about Abby? Well, Abby has a new show coming out but it’s still in the air. Interesting.

As my title states, I truly think there might be some legal issues coming soon because if you know hollywood they’ll bring Miller’s name and possibly degrade her and Miller herself might press for legal degrade of character. Hopefully that won’t happen but I firmly believe Abby was overwhelmed with the series on top of her going to jail. A lot to do before you serve time. But even though the show is about dance moms…Miller explains that the show made her look like the villian when truly she loved her students like they were her own children. As for the moms of Dance Moms everything of course was scripted but the effects of their hunger for fame derived them from the main focus and it’s the dancing. Seriously, save that drama for yo momma! Or how Abby puts it Save those tears for the pillow! Whatever.

The dancers Kendall K, Kalani, Brynn, Elliana, Lilliana, Cameron, and Nia are caught in the middle of chaos. Of course you know they are scripted too but rumors circled that Kendall and I believed she said on instagram that she’s leaving dance moms…I can’t foresee that but for sure Brynn as her mom posted a live video explaining why they are moving to bigger and better things or in my opinion sticking with Abby as seen on instagram. As for the rest is uncertain but definitely know that Chloe and Christy are back! So if your a dance moms fan then you’ll be excited for season 8. But if your me and see no point then you’ll enjoy Ellen’s new series “First Date” with Drew Barrymore!

Well, that’s it until next from your truly….

The Girl


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