Okay, usually I don’t write blogs like this but in this case I just couldn’t leave it.

As a young woman I’m tempted by many things one of which are motorcycles. You can’t get enough of the Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Honda, or especially European Sporters. But it’s the powerful sound of bike that just makes you want to jump on and ride like there is no tomorrow. Sadly for me motorcycles are a dream rather than reality. Financially, one could afford one but you would have to work for a well paid job with overtime benefits. Oh and don’t get me started on the insurance. Where was I? Oh! Why Motorcycles? What reason not! Motorcycles may be a hazardous but it’s just the freedom you get when riding by a car and you just feel like your flying. So mainly this blog isnt just about me ranting about motorcycles etc. But it’s basically why I love them with the pro and cons of my personal opinion. So here we go.

First, before purchasing a motorcycle find the “right fit for you” don’t dive into one because you want one. actually take the time to browse through your options first.  Now, I’m not going to start with pros and end this blog on a bad note but here we go.

Cons: I really hate to give motorcycles a con but it has to be done…Each day somewhere in the world a motorcyclist is killed either accidental or purposely. Yes, purposely. Some people get enough road rage that they seriously harm others. Not cool. But accidental is one of the top. There has been times that a motorcyclist was traveling at a good distance away from a car and they happen to toss a cigarette out and happens to land on the rider. In other cases miscaluation on the distant from rider to driver. In example one teen stopped at a red light and seen from a distant a motorcyclist and thought there was enough time. Wrong! You never know how fast the motorcycle is going! so poor rider got thrown from his bike and broke his neck and had serious injuries to him because of miscaluation. Basically, if you buy a bike just realize it’s just you out in the open. The second you start up your Harley or Ninja you automatically signed away your life. Each ride can be your last. So stay coutious. So why give a con for something you love? Well, many people buy motorcycles for self enjoyment but you need to have experience rather than jump on it. That’s my biggest concern. You have people who watched someone on YouTube or has a friend and automatically know how to ride. It’s not that easy and you need classes for it.

Pros: I can name a lot of pros but I don’t think you the reader would enjoy that. So, I guess lane splitting and simple enjoyment is a good enough pro. But it just won’t do. Motorcycles are addicting like drugs. It’s the adrenaline rush you get when riding 90 mph or greater while cars fly pass like nothing. The pros are simple. You ride for enjoyment because motorcycles are the meaning of enjoyment. But of course video blogging with your bike is definitely addicting and smart. You can’t go wrong with a motorcycle just be an experience yet safe rider.

Well, that’s pretty much all for now. Until next time.

The Girl


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