In today’s society very few men and women actually take the time to actually date outside the virtual world of text. You’re thinking to yourself “Okay, we all do that! So what?” and in which case most people will agree with you.  And because we are so use to that concept majority of relationships actually turn out bad for some. Maybe we should listen to Katy Perry’s new song “Changed to the rytham” since we are blinded by our screens. And evrything else.

Now when I first started the whole “dating scene”  in my mind I thought it was actually a good way to get over certain fears. Well, for John Doe it wasn’t that way. He was afraid to actually connect so he stuck to online. When John Doe met Jane he thought she was everything and she thought the same. But in the end things started to fall apart. Why? Well, in person they never really spoke to each other but rather they spoke to others. but online they spoke about their future of course it led to fights and sooner or later the relationship was gone. Was it John Doe fault?, Jane, or was it the failed connection they shared? Well, blame online for that. Why? Because no one can actually have a connection online because online you can create a world that is just like the movies but in reality… Well, leave it to hollywood for that.

So since it’s easier for some to connect that way and avoid the fear of actual dating. We need to let John Doe know that his ways are actually hurting him more than he thought. He’s setting himself up for failure rather than success. Poor John Doe. But the meaning of this blog is so people can understand that online dating may work for some but it’s not the best way to date or communicate with the opposite sex. That goes for you to girls! So try to leave the whole online scene and actually go for it. Personally, I find it easier to figure out someone by calling or hanging out. Why message someone that you like? Why don’t you get off this computer, phone, or tablet and get out there and socialize! So if you happen to be in John Doe’s situation then Change the pattern and put yourself outside the online scene. Trust me you’ll thank me later. Well, until next time. Stay true my friends. Peace.

The girl 


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