Of God And Men

For years I’ve been struggling to create a blog that was worth something to my creative thought process and I firmly believe Of God And Men will be the one.

For centuries we’ve been questioning whether or not God exists. We still question it to this day. I used to be one of those types that questioned everything even God. It probably started with my mother who was very religious and always played Christian music, read christian books, and of course prayed. So out of nature I rebelled against her urges to attend her life style and started to question everything about God. I believed at one point that many churches used God as a subject of escape from the harshness of the world which at that time found it to be rather annoying than productive. It wasn’t until I was much older that God found a way back into my life. What’s odd about it was actually during the most difficult time of my life.

I’m not doing a blog about God saving me but rather a blog about God vs Man… Since day one God has been in a losing battle to make man turn back around. Unfortunately, we fought him every step of the way and one by one we paid the ultimate price. If we haven’t already.  Since mankind is full of different beliefs I can see why it would be hard to come to terms with a being that is all good, all powerful, and all righteous who happens to get a virgin pregnant with a super baby that will shed blood for our sins. Yup, I can see the difficulty on that one. But we can question everything all we want and find solutions to everything but is it worth risking it all? You can live your life believing that there is no such thing and have doubts but what if your on your death bed, dying alone, seeing doctor’s shake their head because they can’t fix your problems. Who do you turn to? Yup, you guess it God. It’s a natural feeling to go to the very same being you’ve been fighting your whole life and die peacefully knowing he has your back.  It’s ironic how we battle something we don’t believe in yet in the end we longed for that something when we are at our worst.

In this story I’ve heard a million times and it still gives me chills…

“A man was laying in his bed dying he has been an atheist his whole life yet he believed in the santic worship and believed that heaven was just a myth. While his wife, children, and grandchildren came to say goodbye a fellow pastor decided to say goodbye as well even though he knew the man dislike his beliefs…When the man seen the pastor he wanted to yell at him but he was to weak to do anything and so the pastor read scripture to the man and finally the man said ” your God done this to me and for that I hate him..I rather be in hell than sit up there with the being that done this to me.” The pastor knodded and said ” believe in what you want to believe you’ll soon find out wether or not your Satan had fulfil his promise to you…” like clock work the man soon died with his wife crying holding her cross in her hand then the man lift himself up like he awaken from a nightmare and yelled ” I was wrong!” Finally the man pass away but everyone who was in that room that day swore that the dying man saw the one thing Satan couldn’t give him. A promise. “

Man, a being of its own accord that feels, thinks, and lives. God, a being of three beings with the power of life, destruction, and even creator or both the heavens and earth. These two subjects are at odds every day. Soon one will win and one will lose. When that time comes will man come to terms or will God decide enough is enough and break the cycle. Maybe our time has already started to click with mankind slowly fading into darkness…

The Girl